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GPS to vCard 1.2

It is a program that allows you to add GPS coordinates to vCards
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GPS to vCard is a program that will allow you to add to your VCF files GPS coordinates that your car’s navigation system can understand and use.
Microsoft Outlook can generate visiting cards in the vCard format. It is a handy way to keep all the information about your contacts at your fingertips. Since it is a widely used standard, it is easy to share your contacts’ data with other programs. GPS to vCard goes a step further. You will be able to add GPS data to your vCards and load them into your car’s navigation system. This way, you will be able to have the GPS positions of all your contacts, and you will be able to visit them just by telling your car which vCard to use. Depending on the capabilities of your GPS and cell phone, you will also be able to call them using the information in the card and your Bluetooth connection.

In order to export the vCards from your Outlook contact list, you must save the card in a VCF file. You can choose to import the card into this program directly into a category or not. The program will look for the postal address included in the card, will transform it into GPS coordinates, and will turn all the information into a format the navigation system can understand. You will need to copy them to your GPS’s SD card, in the "Destinations" folder. Thus, the vCards will become part of the destinations list of your navigation system.

GPS to vCard produces data compatible with the following Volkswagen Group navigation systems: VW/Audi RNS 510/810, SEAT Media System, and Skoda RNS Columbus. Other systems may be compatible, too.

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